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May 14, 2012 · The L3C group has grown
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February 22, 2012 · Paper accepted at IEEE CEC 2012
The following paper was accepted for oral presentation at IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation that will be presented in Brisbane at June 14th 2012: Cassio Rodrigo Conti, Mauro Roisenberg and Guenther Schwedersky Neto, ACOR-V - an Algorithm that Incorporates the Visibility Heuristic to the ACO in Continuous Domain

February 15, 2011 · L3C website
The L3C website is on line.


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Some projects developed by the L3C Team.

Seismic Inversion
February 1, 2011view details
Website L3C
November 1, 2010view details
Ant Colony Optimization in Continuous Domains
January 1, 2010view details
January 1, 2008view details
January 1, 2005view details
February 1, 2003view details
Esquemas de Aprendizado Neural Aplicados em Robótica Baseada em Comportamento
February 1, 2002view details
RCSUEX - Certainty Representation of the Exploratory Success
February 1, 2002view details
PiramidNet - Redes Neurais Modulares e Hierárquicas
February 1, 2001view details
BIOBOTS - Inspiração Biológica e a Emergência da Inteligência
February 1, 2000view details